Quick Mission Planning with LuciadLightspeed

Hexagon’s geospatial technology offerings are ideal for Defense applications, whether it’s helping NATO maintain a common operating picture or allowing military customers to develop custom solutions to meet specific mission requirements. Let’s look at another way LuciadLightspeed is used: in rapid mission planning by Dassault Aviation, a French aerospace company that manufactures both military aircraft and business jets.

Dassault’s Opera software is employed as a collaborative mission planning tool to support its range of fighter jets, including the Rafale jet. Opera allows users to easily prepare combat missions in as little as one hour. To achieve such a short turnaround time, Dassault uses the high performance of LuciadLightspeed to connect to all the necessary information and interact with it smoothly on an accurate map view.

The customizability of LuciadLightspeed also enables Dassault to easily integrate new capabilities — for instance, support for touchscreens. Following the success of launching Opera’s mission planning capabilities on larger devices, Dassault moved the platform to 6-inch tablets for use during flight. The tablets offer all the capabilities of an electronic flight bag, as well as advanced features like visualizing weapons ranges.

See for yourself what Dassault can accomplish with the Opera software.

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