Public Safety Agencies Are Becoming Data-Driven Decision Makers

Today’s police, fire, and EMS agencies have a myriad of incoming and outgoing data points to manage and make sense of. However, the difference between managing data points now, as compared to five years ago, is the ability for agencies to act on real-time data instead of waiting days or weeks for data analysis. Advancements in business intelligence like real-time data streams for analytics and machine learning are helping public safety agencies better predict the future based on historical data, making communities safer and resource management more efficient. How amazing is that?

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure has been evolving with these industry trends with its own solution that offers business intelligence and predictive analytics. Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety is a solution that’s all about choice. Agencies can use any front end analytics service, like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau, to visualize data that’s being stored and organized in Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety. It also pulls in data from multiple technologies and sources within an agency, such as a computer-aided dispatch and records management systems, so that useful data sets are aggregated from all parts of the organizations.

When agencies are able to leverage the rich historic data in the data warehouse and compare it to data being collected in real time, they can use the information to make data-driven decisions on the fly.

Within Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety, agencies will find pre-configured, industry-standard reports for agency response times, resource coverage, resource utilization, and more. Agencies can also use it to build custom reports and analytics.

If you’re an agency looking to advance your use of real-time analytics and business intelligence within your organization, here are a couple of pieces of advice:

  1. Although the technology exists to capture and collect all of your data in real time, it’s much safer to have your historic data tested and validated by analysts before using it to make decisions.
  2. Once your data has been validated, you can then use it in combination with real-time data and instantly feed that intelligence to dispatchers and responders.

If you’re looking to learn more about Intergraph Business Intelligence for Public Safety, look no further than our HxGN LIVE conference! It will be featured in sessions during the week as well as in The Zone.

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