Predicting and Monitoring Floods in Real Time

Flash flooding in cities occurs swiftly, often wreaking havoc on a city’s operations, or causing even worse damage to lives and property. What if authorities could know in advance where the worst flooding is expected to hit and evacuate those areas before the damage is done?

Enter the Smart City Dashboard from Hexagon and Ambiental, an industry leader in flood prediction and modeling. Powered by Ambiental’s FloodWatch® engine and Hexagon’s Smart M.App platform, the dashboard’s high-precision flash-flood forecasting technology fuses historical (what was), current (what is), and future (what will be) data with additional data sources and advanced algorithms to identify areas with the highest flood risks and analyze the severity of impact. This in turn helps city leaders and agencies predict floods many hours before they happen so that they can deploy the right resources and response teams to affected areas and evacuate citizens with ample notice.

See firsthand how the Smart City Dashboard provides real-time monitoring so that operators can focus on mitigation efforts beforehand and shift the focus to deploying resources during and after the flood.

For more information about this solution from Hexagon and Ambiental, read the full case study.

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