New Version of M.App X Includes Highly Customizable User Interface

Hexagon’s Geospatial division is proud to announce the release M.App X 16.5.2, the latest version of our cloud-based geospatial intelligence and imagery exploitation solution.

“In the Defense and Intelligence arena, the ability to quickly and easily exploit imagery and create reports in real-time is paramount to mission success,” said Brad Skelton, Product Line Director for M.App X. “The updated M.App X solution allows systems integrators to better serve their defense customers by making the most valuable GEOINT data available for rapid decision-making.”

M.App X is deployed in an enterprise platform, allowing all users to create geospatial visuals and share dynamic information services across the enterprise using a rich, web-based client application.

Built on decades of experience in providing image analysis capabilities, M.App X also contains industry-specific tools and workflows for the GEOINT community and security organizations. M.App X offers simplified data access, defense workflows, and on-premises private or public cloud hosting to provide centralized and secure storage and computation.

A Detailed Look at What’s New in M.App X

The latest version, M.App X 16.5.2, offers a fresh look and enhanced functionality on the user interface. These improvements include a new toolbar that is significantly more flexible and a menu system that greatly improves the consistency and usability of the user interface. This version also introduces the ability to support color themes, along with an option to personalize the interface with a dark or light theme.

In addition to the improvements on the user interface, the Geoprocessing panel has been reorganized. Geoprocesses are arranged in categories and are easily searchable, allowing users to quickly access the ever-growing number of Geoprocesses. A new “Favorites” category also allows for one-click access to the user’s preferred Geoprocesses.

An onscreen angle indicator and interactive rotation wheel has been introduced to make the tasks of determining and setting image rotations more intuitive.

New downloading, uploading, drag-and-drop, shoebox organization, and other features create user efficiencies and an even more intuitive workflow.

Finally, an Administration Console that provides a means for managing the license, usage, and users has been added for more supervisory control.

Find out more details about the latest version in the M.App X 16.5.2 Release Guide.

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