Luciad Portfolio Built to Support Military Symbology Requirements

The Defense community has a lot of specific needs: custom solutions developed on a mission-to-mission basis, quick turnaround for mission planning, and the ability to present a dynamic common operating picture across all echelons of service, from Command and Control centers to forces on the ground. We’ve already seen how Hexagon’s offerings meet those requirements, so let’s take a closer look at one particular feature of interest to military customers: symbology.

NATO standards-based military symbology is already built into the Luciad Portfolio, making it the only portfolio in the industry that offers consistent symbology support throughout all its products. The Luciad Portfolio offers full support for symbols and tactical graphics of the latest military symbology standards, MIL-STD 2525 and APP-6, in 2D and 3D. It allows for the lookup, creation, visualization, and editing of military symbols and tactical graphics.

NATO’s military symbology is designed to enhance its joint interoperability by providing a standard set of common symbols. The system, which represents land, air, space, and sea-based formations and units, consists of different colors and shapes for friendly (blue rectangle), hostile (red diamond), neutral (green square), and unknown (yellow quatrefoil) forces.

Example of Military Symbology Support in the Luciad Portfolio

Based on the implemented military symbology standards and its flexible visualization API, the Luciad Portfolio includes a library that provides customized military symbology for several applications. On the image below, which represents a fully fictitious scenario, country flags have been attached to the hostile (Canada) and friendly (United States) shapes.

Another example of customized military symbology usage is the case of border guarding in a desert, where additional symbols are needed to convey information about objects in the operational area. Symbols can be created to visualize, for instance, unknown animal herds:

Symbology representing an animal herd


Or even hostile and potentially armed animals:

Symbology representing a potentially dangerous animals

So those gun-toting camels won’t catch troops off-guard. But seriously, the possibilities are endless. To see more, watch this LuciadLightspeed demo focusing on Defense applications.

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