Join the live panel – Decoding digitalisation in defence: Friend or Foe?

Defence agencies’ traditional working practices are battle proven, but they often operate independently – creating silos that hinder information sharing and collaboration.  

Digital transformation creates a connected environment where intelligence can be shared digitally, in real time, across all domains and with allies and partners. 

In our live panel with NATO and European Defence Agency, hosted by AFCEA on Tuesday, 18 June, at 15:30 CEST/09:30 a.m. EST, defence and industry experts will examine the justification for digitalisation in defence, as well as potential obstacles.   

Our panelists include MGEN. Erich Staudacher, GEAF (Ret.) from AFCEA, Veronica Guidetti from the European Defence Agency, Dr. Vasileios Katsampas from NATO and Richard Goodman from Hexagon.  

They’ll discuss several aspects of digitalisation in defence, including:  

  • What are the real benefits?  
  • Are the effort and upheaval worthwhile?  
  • What are the differences between digitisation and digitalisation?  
  • Are digital twins of the defence world attainable and beneficial?  

Make plans to join us for this exciting event, part of the AFCEA Europe Webinar Series. 


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