HxGN Connect: Defining your collaboration space

Cross-functional collaboration, shared awareness and coordinated action are significant hallmarks of smart cities, communities and organizations. And with the recent launch of HxGN® Connect, these goals are not only achievable, but also well within reach.

What is HxGN Connect?

It’s a cloud-native, SaaS collaborative workspace that allows you to share data and coordinate action based on different types of data. It complements your existing systems, providing a richer, unified view of information with built-in messaging and tasking to enable daily, ad hoc engagement and ongoing, structured collaboration. Its aim is to bridge the gaps between organizations, cities, and regions, so you can share and act on data quickly, easily and securely.

That sounds amazing, right? But maybe you’re a little apprehensive about “laying it all out there,” so to speak. You have your data. You need other organizations’ data. But what about data ownership and security?

With HxGN Connect, you retain full ownership and control of your data, all while actively collaborating with other entities as events unfold. Let’s talk about how you can define your collaboration space.

What data should I share?

The data you share depends on what type of entity you are, as well as the situation at hand – be it daily operations, an emergency response, major event management, transportation management, or other essential services. With HxGN Connect, you can collaborate as needed or all the time – it is up to you.

You can share data from assets, events or incidents, cameras or alarms and more. And you don’t have to share data in every situation – in some instances you may only want to share some data with specific users. You can start small and scale as your needs increase. Take inventory of your data, assess what you might need from other organizations and build out your collaboration space from there.

Who sees what?

Sharing data with no granular controls can lead to security breaches and clog the UI with unnecessary data that is not useful to other participants in the space. Users need to be able to set rules for what data they share and with whom. And, as events unfold, users should be able to quickly change rules to restrict or grant access to their data.

With HxGN Connect’s data sharing controls, you determine the data you want others to see. Using an intuitive UI, you can quickly make changes to these rules ad hoc, switching off or turning on access to your data for certain users in the space. Share the data you want to share, with whom you want, under the conditions you set.

How do I retain control of my data and ensure privacy and data security?

Historically, data sharing initiatives have been one-way streets with a central entity capturing most of the value or limited to a specific type of data or workflow. There are also a host of liability and security concerns, which lead to siloed workflows where only a select few are privy to vital information, causing organizations to worry about uncontrolled access and data being copied or used out of context.

HxGN Connect gives you the power to own and manage your own data by serving as a neutral facilitator. You create your own rules of engagement, while we provide you with the workspace to operate. Data owners make the decisions about what they share, setting and maintaining their own privacy standards in the workspace. HxGN Connect does not store sourced data or grant administrative rights to control the collaborative space. Instead of publishing or allowing others to download datasets, HxGN Connect users access information from the source.

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