How an Integrated Approach to Outage Management Improves Customer Satisfaction

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure is lucky to have a customer like Oshawa Power. The Ontario-based utility provider is innovative, reliable, and happy to share its success stories. One of these great stories involves Oshawa Power’s customer satisfaction, which has a lot to do with its implementation of Intergraph InService as its outage management system (OMS).

Back in 2015, Oshawa Power and Hexagon started the implementation of the utility’s OMS. There were many facets to this implementation, including integration with other critical business systems. When the project was complete, Oshawa Power had data coming from its AMI, SCADA, GIS(which also feeds information from its CIS) into its OMS. Oshawa Power’s truly integrated approach handles call taking, sends outage notifications, predicts service outages, and dispatches field crews. The implementation also encompassed important customer facing components like an outage map and social media accounts. Because of these improvements, Oshawa Power’s crews are often on the site of an incident before the first customer call comes through. These benefits have been recognized over the last few years based on improved customer satisfaction ratings from surveyed customers. Over the past two years, Oshawa Power’s customer satisfaction ratings have averaged 92 to 93 percent, which is considerably higher than the industry standard.

Beyond technology, Oshawa Power’s CEO Ivano Labricciosa credits many simple strategies like encouraging employees to post photos to social media because customers want to know what’s happening in the field. It often takes a collaborative approach to achieve a high customer satisfaction rating.

If you’re interested in learning more about Oshawa Power’s OMS implementation and how an integrated business system is helping it improve customer satisfaction, check out Roger Ersil’s, manager of Metering and Operations, presentation from this year’s HxGN LIVE conference.

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