Hexagon sponsors University of Alabama sales program

This year, Hexagon’s education program is proud to work with the University of Alabama to sponsor its sales program and courses.

The sales program is part of the marketing department of the Culverhouse College of Business, and with more 1,000 students per semester, it’s the largest center for sales education in the country.

The sales program offers four undergraduate courses, an undergraduate minor in sales, a master’s concentration and opportunities with 75 corporate sponsors.

Over $300,000 in scholarship funding is generated each year, and it goes directly to students who work part time for the sales program as they pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Hexagon provided the students with information about Hexagon as well as a sales scenario. The students learned about the company as a whole. The solution they were tasked with “selling,” and they roleplayed their sales strategies to show their skills.

On Nov. 5, Mike Lane, global education manager of Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division, visited the university and provided a presentation to all four classes. This was a great opportunity for industry and education to cooperate and collaborate.

Hear from Mike about careers at Hexagon:

Students are our future employees and decision-makers, so educating them about Hexagon and its innovative technology is a win-win for everyone. The students are informed about the latest industry developments, and Hexagon has the privilege of interacting with some of today’s brightest young minds.

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