Hexagon & You: Working Together to Build Safer, Smarter Communities

Hexagon and Microsoft have each been serving the world’s public safety community for decades. Our shared mission – to serve those who serve and protect – drives the work we do.

Each day, Hexagon and Microsoft work with public safety agencies across the globe to harness the experiences and insights gained to improve current technologies and plan for tomorrow.

But that insight doesn’t stay within a single company. Both organizations share best practices with each other. And that is vital for mission-critical solutions because their performance, availability, resilience, and security depend on all elements of the system working together.

We build shared knowledge into our solutions and take advantage of the differentiators within each other’s technologies. That means the latest Microsoft solutions are embedded in Hexagon’s, and Hexagon’s solutions are pre-built to connect to Microsoft technologies. Finally, we work together to ensure Hexagon’s solutions deploy on Microsoft Azure, making full and effective use of its resources.

And because we serve the same communities and collaborate on industry solutions, an agency that uses Hexagon or Microsoft technology benefits from the combined insights and experience of both companies.


Because we’re working to ensure our solutions can evolve with changing needs so agencies can create safer, smarter communities through technology, shared learning, and collaboration.

To learn more about how Hexagon and Microsoft cloud technologies can benefit your public safety agency, register for our upcoming webinar happening December 11 at 11:00 a.m. CT.

In the meantime, discover what decades of work within the public safety community has built with HxGN OnCall, a portfolio of next-generation public safety solutions powered by Microsoft Azure for agencies of all sizes.

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