Google Maps use cases span multiple industries

Google Maps Platform is a versatile and valuable tool, no matter what industry you’re in. It allows you to deliver customized solutions, while providing a familiar and friendly experience for your users. Google Maps APIs are powered by Google’s unparalleled global data content that includes routing with real-time traffic data and rich details for over 100 million points of interest.

Google Maps capabilities create new possibilities for enhanced efficiency and for bringing new web native products to market. This potential is illustrated through the following three real-world examples.

Balloting and engagement

Upland Second Street is an audience participation software product that provides the ability to build contests, interactive content, and polls that help increase their customer’s ability to generate audience engagement. Second Street uses Google Maps to provide a better user experience by minimizing typing errors and streamlining the completion of forms or contest entries.

To learn more, read the complete case study.

Utility provision

Linedata specializes in software applications and services for electricity, sanitation, and gas utility companies in Brazil. Every day, 12 major water and sanitation companies rely on Linedata solutions to keep services flowing across various water management networks.

To learn more about how Google Maps support utility operations and management, download the more detailed case study.

Law enforcement

Securus Monitoring Solutions provides an electronic monitoring platform, VeriTracks, that helps law enforcement to track people who are “supervised” by law enforcement, but are not incarcerated. Google Maps is employed to provide a map-based view that helps probation and parole officers track individuals wearing GPS devices. Check out the full case study for further details.

And more

Part of the fun of working with Google Maps is the wide variety of customers and use cases we are exposed to. Indeed, Google’s products are widely seen and used by the general public in our private lives. Our customers, across a wide range of industries, leverage that public familiarity and Google’s world leading map content into powerful, easy to use products.

With a toolkit as versatile as Google Maps Platform, it is hard to find industries that don’t have needs and wouldn’t see the benefits of mapping and spatial analysis. Visit our Google Maps Platform hub to learn more about what Google can do for you.


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