Getting Utility Field Crews to the Right Place at the Right Time

Our recently announced partnership with Clevest comes with a broader range of solutions that address challenges utility companies face every day. One of those challenges is mobile workforce management – more specifically resource assignment and scheduling. Many utilities need something better to meet specific utility operational needs.

With Clevest Enterprise Scheduling, dispatchers and schedulers can assign work and tasks more efficiently and with greater accuracy. The right crews with the right equipment receive the right assignments – when it’s needed and with the correct location. The benefits of removing the guesswork include improved emergency response, reduced wasteful travel, and shorter appointment windows. Overall, crew productivity is maximized, customers are happy, and it’s regulatory compliant.

Clevest Enterprise Scheduling removes the limitations of more traditional systems that have predefined rules or don’t allow feedback. The solution aligns utility scheduling with modern day technology without the additional time and dedication needed to make an inflexible solution work with the large service territories and the dynamic changes of field operators.

With real travel times that calculate logical factors and road networks, work order assignments have accurate estimations, so customer expectations and commitments are met. Route directions between work orders help limit confusion, decrease response time, and contribute to cost savings.

To learn more about the Hexagon and Clevest partnership and how you can benefit from the solution, join us for our upcoming webinar on October 10 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

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