German Law Enforcement Agencies Secure G7 Summit with Intergraph Solutions

In June, the Group of Seven (G7) Summit convened in Elmau, Germany and was the biggest police operation ever in the State of Bavaria. It was an extremely successful operation for two Intergraph customers: Bavaria State Police and the German Federal Police.

The objective of the police strategy was to protect those attending the summit, the general population, and demonstrators, as well as ward off any protestors prepared for violence. Except for summit attendees, noone was allowed to approach the exposed venue at Schloss Elmau in the Bavarian Alps beyond the security zones. In its role as provider of public safety solutions to the Bavarian State Police and the German Federal Police, Intergraph was animportant partner in enabling the security capabilities for the 2015 summit.

Command and Control for Data Exchange

Much more than a vast contingent of police forces was necessary to implement these extensive public safety and security measures. To carry out their duties successfully, the Bavarian State Police and German Federal Police also put into place a comprehensive IT plan before and during the summit. Intergraph assisted with this effort throughout.

Intergraph’s Computer-Aided Dispatch system, I/CAD, was deployed as the incident management solution of the Bavarian State Police. Nine full application seats of the system were installed in the special operations room in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which was set up fully-equipped for this major event only. Moreover, 1,000 additional users had access to the command and control system over the web via I/NetDispatcher, an I/CAD component.

At the beginning of the G7 summit, about 18,000 police officers from the Bavarian State Police and more than 1,950 operational units from the fire and rescue services and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief(THW) were assigned around the venue in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Mittenwald regions. There was a need to centrally coordinate these operational units. Using I/CAD, the Bavarian State Police established an extension of the regular command and control center at the police headquarters of South Upper Bavaria where police emergency number 110 calls are taken and processed regularly.

Digital Radio Integration and Multi-agency Coordination

The I/CAD system also handled the emergency call function within the digital radio network of the Bavarian State Police. Incoming emergency calls by police units, sent via the digital radio network, were forwarded along with all the data and information on the location of the incident to the command staff in order to make decisions immediately in the event of an emergency.

A data interface developed by the Bavarian State Police, which facilitates close cooperation between the German Federal Police and their Bavarian colleagues, came into operation for the first time on a large scale at the G7 summit. When responding to joint incidents, the electronic data exchange between command and control systems accelerates and simplifies interagency coordination.

Planning and Response for Better Decision-making

The German Federal Police also mastered their areas of responsibility during the G7 summit with support from Intergraph. One of the biggest police forces in Europe, the federal agency deployed Intergraph Planning & Response, a strategic tool for command staffs and special operations rooms.

The task for Intergraph Planning & Response was to portray complex conditions during this major event in an intuitive, easy-to-operate manner so command staffs could make smarter decisions directly. In the German Federal Police, Intergraph Planning & Response acts as a modular extension of its I/CAD system and constitutes the backbone for all decisions of the federal police during planned or unplanned major events.

The Bavarian State Police and the German Federal Police can reflect on a positive outcome from the G7 summit in Elmau. There were no mass protests, and violent demonstrators were kept away.

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