Education Team Participates in Georgia School’s Speaker Series

Hexagon’s Geospatial division had the pleasure of participating in the Speaker Series Day on 14 November at the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (GSMST).

The STEM high school, located in Lawrenceville, Georgia,  is currently the number one high school in the state of Georgia and number six in the United States. It has been ranked based on state-required tests, graduation, and how well they prepare students for college.

At GSMST, students are encouraged to be prepared for the technology jobs of tomorrow. The Speaker Series event hosted many companies and professors of academia to support that mission. Hexagon sent a group of individuals from various backgrounds to encourage geospatial science careers to ninth grade students.  The group included Mike Lane (Global Education Manager), Terry Bell (Educational Account Manager), Bradley Skelton (Product Line Director), Benjamin Tam (Software Analyst), and myself.

At the event, Mike Lane gave a brief overview of “What Geospatial Means” and the functionality of Hexagon products. Terry Bell followed with a Q&A portion and encouraged the ninth graders to ask anything. The inquires that followed displayed why the school is number one in Georgia. The team was expecting more career-focused questions; however, the students wanted to know how the industry intersected with political and socioeconomic issues. Bradley Skelton who has been with Hexagon for decades was able to handle all of their questions with an unbiased response.

The students related the most to Benjamin Tam, who is a GSMST alumnus. After the panel discussion, groups of students flocked to him with high school survival questions. Overall, the experience was a learning environment for everyone involved.

We would like to thank GSMST for inviting Hexagon to participate in the Speaker Series Day and allowing us to interact with their students.

Learn more about Hexagon Geospatial Education’s collaboration with schools and universities on our website.

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