COVID-19 Data Dashboards Provide Reliable, Up-to-Date Information

The COVID-19 pandemic has yet to show signs of abating, but governments around the world are using the power of location intelligence to fight back against the virus.

Companies in Mexico, Chile, and the Netherlands have all developed smart dashboards powered by M.App Enterprise designed to allow officials and citizens to visualize, analyze, and share the latest data on COVID-19, putting them in the best possible position to make decisions and take action to slow the spread of the disease.


dashboard for MexicoHexagon partner STIAN created a dashboard for Mexico. It’s updated regularly with detailed information about new COVID-19 diagnoses sourced directly from the Secretary of Health to ensure accuracy.

With more than 71,000 individual records already, it’s crucial that Mexican authorities be able to organize COVID-19 data to turn it into actionable information. The dashboard allows them to sort by age, location, and test results: positive, negative, or pending.


dashboard for ChileImagine-iT, another Hexagon partner, has created and maintains a dynamic COVID-19 dashboard for Chile. More than 14,000 records have already been entered and can be filtered by a variety of criteria, including age, gender, and location.

The number of people who have died and recovered from the virus are provided, and the cases are organized by date and charted for instant insight. And both the Chilean and the Mexican dashboards are accessible to citizens, so they can easily follow the spread of the virus and make informed decisions about their health.


Hexagon partner IMAGEM built an interactive dashboard for Dutch authorities (local and federal government, ministries, and health and emergency agencies) to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and plan countermeasures. Information about patients, including location, is integrated into a timeline view that depicts growing hotspots.

The information is automatically updated every 24 hours, so officials can visualize how changes in policy and protocol align with the spread of the virus. As the situation develops, they can use the dashboard to make and adjust plans based on the number of COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations.

Global cooperation

Perspective is vital as governments around the globe work to determine how best to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to see where and when cases occur is the first step in developing a comprehensive plan to contain and ultimately defeat the virus.

These examples are just a few of the innovative approaches countries and governments are taking to protecting their citizens’ health, and Hexagon is proud to be part of these initiatives. Check out our dedicated COVID-19 page to see more ways that our technologies are being leveraged for good and learn about how we’re responding to the pandemic.

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