Case study: Smart site situational awareness in Belgium

BASF is the largest chemical producer in the world. Its plant located at the Port of Antwerp – home to Europe’s biggest integrated cluster of petrochemical companies – is the largest chemical production site in Belgium and the second largest BASF site in the world. With 360 miles of underground pipelines, the Antwerp facility has 3,500 employees with 50 production installations, and produces basic and specialty chemicals, plastics and precursors, as well as refined products and inorganics.

BASF’s Antwerp site produces large amounts of critical data during its 24/7 operations. The site must also manage 25 years’ worth of CAD schematics and other facilities information. However, all these important data sets were stored in disparate, disconnected systems, making it difficult for various BASF site managers and operations teams to have adequate situational awareness, visualize infrastructure and assets and improve employee safety.

To address these challenges, BASF needed a solution to transform its 600-hectacre (1,483-acre) Antwerp production facility into a smart site. BASF needed integrated systems and connected data to improve shared situational and operational awareness.

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