Case study: Modernizing Slovnaft’s network inventory system

Slovnaft, a.s., in Bratislava, Slovakia, is a petrochemical company whose refinery processes up to 6 million metric tonnes of crude oil each year and is among the most complex refineries in Europe. Among the key systems that keep the refinery operating is a vast telecommunications network. Essential to daily workflows in this fast-paced, safety-focused environment, the network is critical to maintaining the flow of communications to ensure safe operations and prompt response in the event of an emergency.

Slovnaft’s 6-square-kilometer refinery campus has more than 100 kilometers of fiber optic and metallic cables and a Wi-Fi network. The combined telecommunications network is a mix of new, old and very old technologies, with some cables 30 to 40 years old. Slovnaft needed to completely rebuild its network inventory system, which was more than 25 years old. Much of the data was stored in paper form – 60% had not yet been digitalized. This created many problems because specific connections were hard to locate and performing emergency or routine maintenance was difficult.

To modernize its network inventory capabilities, the company chose HxGN NetWorks, Hexagon’s geospatial asset management system.

“We are very pleased with Hexagon’s solution and how it has impacted our operations… It gives us a complete overview and a manageable system for our complex telecommunications infrastructure.”

Dušan Furucz, senior network architect/infrastructure delivery at Slovnaft

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