Case study: Improving smart city capabilities in Poland

Piaseczno is a suburb of Warsaw, Poland, with more than 80,000 residents. The Piaseczno City and Commune Office is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the city’s public safety agencies, public works departments and transportation networks.

A longtime Hexagon customer, Piaseczno has been using Hexagon’s geospatial software and surveying tools in its smart city initiatives to improve mapping and location-based information capabilities. But when it came to dispatching and service requests, the city’s public safety and municipal agencies relied on disparate systems.

To increase efficiency, Piaseczno chose HxGN OnCall Dispatch, Hexagon’s flexible suite of next-generation incident management capabilities. The system, housed in Piaseczno’s municipal dispatch center, gives dispatchers, field workers, first responders and supervisors the same operational view, making real-time communication and information verification possible. It streamlines incident management capabilities in part by integrating data from traditional sources such as telephone calls and emails, as well as from other smart city initiative sources, such as proactive notifications from apps, IoT sensors, the city’s video monitoring system and Hexagon’s Mobile Alert, a popular mobile app used by residents to report municipal infrastructure issues.

“HxGN OnCall Dispatch is the nucleus of our smart city initiative. With it, we can ensure that every notification coming in, whether from telephone, email, mobile app or sensor, will be handled appropriately. With richer information and better coordination, we can reduce response times and increase the safety and quality of service we provide to residents of Piaseczno.”

Tomasz Pawlak, manager of the unit in charge of innovation and smart city solutions, Piaseczno City and Commune Office

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