Back to school: What can class projects teach us about collaboration?

Talking to my son about his classes, I heard what all parents dread hearing: “class project.” You know the one, where the class divides up into small groups to do an assignment. If you have children, I am sure you also know the parental concerns associated with class assignments that require each student in the group to do his or her fair share of the work. Does my child understand what his role is for the project? Do the other students in his group know? Will their individual efforts come together on time for my son to get a good grade?

Unfortunately, this is exactly how many organizations approach data sharing. They use a coordinated approach while still operating in silos to get their pieces done. It is only after individual pieces are complete that they come together with the hope they provided enough insight to bring value to the group as a whole.

Collaboration over coordination

Instead of this traditional approach, imagine collaborating throughout the lifecycle of a project. Activities can be completed together or individually but in a more open and dynamic manner. In a truly collaborative environment, everyone works in unity. Everyone has an impact on the whole from the moment an idea is considered – when the chance of identifying problems is the greatest. Unlike traditionally siloed workflows, a collaborative system creates transparency, boosts team members’ morale and fosters confidence in the results of a team’s efforts.

Advanced collaboration tools like HxGN Connect, Hexagon’s new cloud-native, SaaS collaborative workspace, bring organizations and data together in a unified workspace that provides shared awareness of a project’s status, the individual components of that project and interactive feedback from group participants.

What makes HxGN Connect unique from other collaborative software are its dynamic data-sharing rules. Users have full control of the data brought into the space and can set data rules regarding the type of data brought into the space, who sees this data and when they see it. Sensitive data can be restricted to only those with proper authorization to see the data without enlisting IT services or logging a request from vendors.

HxGN Connect fully removes traditional data silos – reimagining collaboration for individual organizations, within cities and across regions. With HxGN Connect, participants can work in concert and securely share the data they want others to see and actively collaborate with data from others as a project proceeds.

Major event planning with collaborative technology

Here’s a great example of collaborative technology in action. In this video, see how HxGN Connect makes it easy for multiple public and private organizations to share and visualize intelligence while jointly discussing operations throughout major community events.

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Are you ready to reimagine collaboration? Find out more about HxGN Connect.

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