A Spying Eye in Sky: Intelligence Extraction Drives Operational IMINT Efforts

In order for global reconnaissance satellite programs to achieve true mission success, extracted data needs to always be timely, accurate, and actionable.

In our ongoing blog series about how Hexagon provides the foundation for enhancing Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) capabilities, we will examine how defense agencies can extract intelligence out of the captured data in ways that drive the most optimal decision-making capabilities.

In many ways, this is the final stage of leveraging geospatial data for all operational applications – maximizing the true value next-generation data analysis capabilities. In the defense intelligence arena, Hexagon offers M.App X, a cloud-deployable enterprise solution for imagery intelligence.

M.App X equips defense and intelligence organizations with tools that make imagery easier to interpret, create intuitive maps for actionable information and centralize geospatial data for instant access across an organization.

The solution provides easy access and powerful analysis as a lightweight browser-based client, while the computation is performed in a secure/private cloud environment. Ideal for classified data extraction, the cloud-based environment is fully controlled by defense organizations with no links to Hexagon or other public services.

The latest version of M.App X also includes Hexagon’s LuciadRIA, a high-performance browser solution, as its mapping engine to improve hardware performance and support 2D and 3D displays of the same map. Users can also leverage on-demand powerful processing services such as viewshed, routing, and imagery enhancements.

For the operational user, Hexagon also provides solutions for the implementation of geospatial views for any system – from planning to the field. Highly tailored for the defense industry, these offerings support all common defense related formats, including ground, air and maritime, as well as military symbology.

This concludes our four-part IMINT blog post series, which covered our IMINT introduction, data processing, and data distribution.

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