4 Change Management Principles for Embracing Mobile Technologies

When implementing any new technology, organizations need internal buy-in and a real culture shift to ensure new processes and ways of operating are fully embraced by end users. This reality is certainly true for implementing mobile technologies.

As Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s mobile product manager, I firmly believe that police agencies planning or transitioning to mobile technologies should take the right steps to ensure officers understand the operation and workflow changes inherent with mobility. I also think it is critical to get users excited about what’s to come before initializing this momentous step forward. And it isn’t hard to do.

Here’s a look at four change management principles to help your agency successfully plan for and transition to using mobile technologies in the field.

    • Talk to field officers and other end users
      It sounds so simple and it is. By talking to officers and first responders in the field, you will increase their comfort level, better manage their concerns and expectations, and show that the agency is committed to advancing law enforcement.
    • Be committed and supportive of change
      ICT needs to support field officers and first responders. Officers need to know that the technology is configurable, flexible, and intuitive to fit their needs.
    • Focus on the benefits of individuals first – not the team
      Whether an officer is 20 or 60, focusing on the technology’s benefit to the individual can greatly reduce doubts and concerns about using the technology.
    • Create a culture that embraces and encourages change
      Change is inevitable. To be successful your agency should look to bring change to the process beyond the initial adoption and learning curve phase. For example: create an open-door policy or monthly feedback loop to encourage honesty and foster innovation.

Mobile technology is here to stay. And the evidence suggests it will only become more valuable and used by police and law enforcement in the foreseeable future.

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